futureappletree records

A Is Jump - My Ice-Fingered Ghost
Blue Brown Books - Blue Brown Books
Chrash - Audio Feng Shui
Chrash - The Name They Change
Chrash - The Party
Driver of the Year - Some Girls

We are the product of hours logged in the kmart parking lot listening to Kasey Kasem while mom gets the goods. Looking out from playpens as dads and uncles put the needle back to the first cut, side B. Emotional rescue from the single speaker on the ceiling of the school bus, drowning out the screams. Wrestling sound from fingers and strings. Hundreds of perfectly good, clear summer days spent jamming in the moldy basements.

Driver of the Year - Statik
Driver of the Year - Will Destroy You
Grogshow - Grogshow

Loving and making the soundtracks to kisses, trips, and fits. Markers imprinted on our personal timelines. So here we are. How can we help it? We're geeks. Music freaks. We have no choice. Our priorities are all messed up, and we know they'll stay that way. We plant the seed and add a little water, and we hope you'll be our sunshine. Future Appletree.

The Multiple Cat - The Return Of
The Multiple Cat - Elements Of
The Multiple Cat - The Golden Apple Hits
The Multiple Cat - The Secret Of
The Multiple Cat - Territory
The Multiple Cat - Universe
The Oliver Twists - The Oliver Twists
The Parish Festival - Handshakes and Heartaches
Seth Knappen - Leaving Sound
Struggle in the Hive - Stuggle in the Hive
Track a Tiger - Woke Up Early the Day I Died
Track a Tiger - I Felt the Bullet Hit My Heart
Track a Tiger - Sewing by Numbers
Track a Tiger - A Southern Blue
Track a Tiger - Avenue of the Giants
Tenki - Universe Part 1
Tenki - Universe Part 2
Tenki - View of an Orbiting Man
Tenki - is Doomed
Tenki - The Box
The Marlboro Chorus - Entangled! EP
The Marlboro Chorus - American Dreamers
The Marlboro Chorus - Good Luck
The Marlboro Chorus - Youth Medium
Kisses Trips and Fits
The Multiple Cat - Intricate Maps
The Multiple Cat - The Lovers Plus Four EP